Pokemon Shuffle Now has 2.5 Million Downloads!

By   /   Mar 23, 2015

If there is one company that has been making it to the news multiple times everyday, it is Nintendo. These guys are simply going all over the globe with news regarding their mobile venture with DeNA and now due to Pokemon related news.

Pokemon Shuffle has reached another milestone, and pretty fast too; the game has now been downloaded 2.5 million times!

The news came out through the official Twitter profile of the Pokemon series where they also announced that in order to commemorate the event, developers will be giving away one in-game item to everyone who is playing the game.

Source of this news was a tweet in Japanese and while I have been able to understand the part about free in-game item and the total number of downloads, the name of the item is something that is a little confusing.

According to Google’s translation it is something called “Ojama Guard.”

Like I said, there have been more news related to Pokemon; a couple of days ago we reported on a game called Pokemon Rumble World (the next instalment in the Rumble series) and some of us think it could be a mobile game. Even if it isn’t, it surely is the next thing that The Pokemon Company is working on.

Coming back to the Pokemon Shuffle downloads, the game had reached one million on March 2, which means three weeks brought it 1.5 million more! That is really quick, don’t you think?

A question in the end; some of the Pokemon fans say that the game is “pretty bad” and that this shows how much money Nintendo can make in the mobile market. Do you agree?

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