Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Recreated in Cities: Skylines

By   /   Mar 23, 2015

If the recent recreation of The Simpsons intro in MineCraft wasn’t cool enough for you, we have another impressive creation. However, this time it isn’t from MineCraft and doesn’t include the Simpsons in any way.

One of the trailers from Grand Theft Auto V (the reveal trailer if I’m correct) was recreated in Cities Skylines. The attention to detail is just mind blowing and shows how painstaking it would have been to pull this off.

You can see Downtown Los Santos, Mount Chiliad and Sandy Shores. The only thing missing from the trailer is Michael, but that’s understandable as there aren’t any characters in Cities: Skylines.

Apart from this, it’s a really great work of art and should be appreciated by the community. Grand Theft Auto V might not be available for PC yet, but this will surely cheer-up the fans.

Speaking of GTA V on PC, after a couple of delays, the game now is expected to release on April 14. Hopefully, we won’t be kept waiting any longer and Rockstar will manage to release the title on the said date.

Would you like to see more of GTA V is Cities: Skylines? Share your views in the comments below.

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