Gotham: The Cast Answers Some Interesting Questions

By   /   Mar 23, 2015

TvGuide got hold of the Gotham cast through their game show What’s Shakin’ and one super interesting question was asked from each of the four Gotham cast members.

The panel comprised of Donal Logue, Morena Baccarin, Benjamin McKenzie and Robin Lord Taylor. We would all have to admit that the questions were amazing and hitting the exact spots of each actor.

These stars we not asked questions regarding their show or anything else but they were designed to make them laugh and get an insight.

Morena Baccarin was the first one to answer her question. Baccarin was asked ‘What is the most surprising
song/artist on your playlist?’ And she replied with The Wheels on the Bus.

Who doesn’t like Wheels on the Bus they are still my favorite, but I wonder if I have it on my playlist though.
Second was Robin Lord Taylor, his question was ‘If you could be on a show other than your own, what would it be.’
“If [I] could be on a show other than my own, I would choose to be on The Flash because I think they’re absolutely killing it.” Replied the resident Villain from Gotham.

Up next was Donal Logue and he was asked, ‘which reality show would you go on?’ he instantly replied with Naught Island (Is that even a show?) but coming back to the real answer real quick he said ‘Ice Road Truckers’. Taylor however jumped in and said, ‘that makes sense perfect’.

Benjamin McKenzie was then asked, ‘who was your first celebrity crush?’ and he replied ‘Alyssa Milano from who’s the boss’ followed by a long sigh he added, ‘Yep she broke a lot of hearts.’

Taylor’s answer, wanting to be on The Flash seems quite interesting. So is the Gotham star planning to get into superhero espionage? Maybe he is or it’s just our assumption. We will let you know if anything like this catches a flame.

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