Driveclub: Minor Update 1.13 Brings Multiplayer Stability

By   /   Mar 23, 2015

Evolution Studios has released a small update for Driveclub which brings the game to version 1.13 and improves multiplayer stability.

It only weighs in at 50 MB and should start downloading as soon as you sign in.

Last week, the developer released update 1.12, which prepared the game for the upcoming Lamborghini expansion pack that is scheduled for release this week. According to the previously mentioned schedule, the expansion will go live on March 24 in US, March 25 in Europe, Australia and UK, March 26 in Japan, and finally April 2 in Asia.

Evolution is currently working on Private Lobbies, a fancy replay system for multiplayer races, new ranks to give players new goals to reach, and a lot of new vehicles.

As for the long-awaited PlayStation Plus Edition of the game, Evolution Studios is still working around the clock in improving the servers. The status of the online component is far better now, and the developer believes it woulnd’t be long now before an announcement is made.

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