Broken Age Act 2 Has Gone Gold, Release Date Reveal Comes Next Week

By   /   Mar 23, 2015

Although the first half of the game was a success, Broken Age Act 2 got delayed into 2015 because the developers thought they need more time to ensure the quality expectations are met.

When Double Fine announced the delay, they also stated that the game will be out eventually in early 2015. Seeing how we are almost through with the first quarter of the year, one must wonder what exactly they meant by “early.”

However, you need not worry! The development studio understands that and they want to assure you that you will get Broken Age Act 2 very soon now.

An email was circulated by the them has revealed that the game has gone gold! Double Fine has also detailed the plan they will be following here on:

The build will sit in test for the next week while everyone on the team looks for any remaining issues that may have slipped through the cracks. Then it’s off to PlayStation 4 and Vita certification as well as pressing discs for the PC/Mac/Linux retail copy from our pals at Nordic Games. Those processes can take around a month, during which time we’ll be packaging up and prepping the iOS, Android, and Ouya builds so we can hit with everything on the same day!

They have no disclosed a release date yet but the email ended with a promise that we will get the specific date next week.

Seeing how things have sped up all of a sudden, I think we are looking at a late April release date for the Broken Age Act 2. What do you think?

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