Rainbow Six: Siege Leaked Closed Beta Multiplayer Footage

By   /   Mar 22, 2015

Footage taken from closed alpha testing of Ubisoft Montreal’s upcoming first-person shooter Rainbow Six: Siege has been uploaded on YouTube.

There’s no telling for how long this video will survive before an official request by the studio will take it offline. Consider yourself lucky and of the few, if you’re able to view it.

The video features a hostage rescue mission aboard an airline, a setting that’s very similar to what Ubisoft showcased at E3 2014 as part of the game’s announcement.

Players take up mobile cover, and try flank the enemy at the back of the jet. The match is said to be multiplayer and is not from the game’s single-player campaign.

It was last week when Ubisoft Montreal began taking signups for a closed alpha testing for Rainbow Six: Siege. The new installment in the franchise is inspired by actual counter terrorist operations across the world, and offers gameplay in a more serious tone.

With tense tactical mechanics for a shooter, the game has players planning out strategies as they step into close quarters to rescue hostages or care packages from highly armed terrorists.

Rainbow Six: Siege is in development for the PS4, Xbox One and PC, and is pegged for a release later this year.

Source Gabriel Krieger (YouTube)

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