Game Talk Ep.7 – Pixel Skylines, Kickstarter RPG, Starry Dimension

By   /   Mar 21, 2015

This week’s episode of Game Talk has yet more pretty titles to check out, both out now and upcoming ones. That takes care of both present and future acquisitions at once.

For starters, publisher Paradox Interactive has shot into mass acceptance. Their newest gem, Cities: Skylines, has blown past half a million sales and instantly becomes it most successful release.

Previously, the company brought out games like Magicka and Crusader Kings, which all did well on their own right. By going after the hole that SimCity missed, however, the studio can now grab onto a lot of yearning city builder fans.

As with previous Game Talk episodes, we have more localizations to point out for you Japan enthusiasts. This time, Lost Dimension on Playstation 3 joins the Western ranks with its clever traitor mechanism that will shatter party dynamics.

Be sure to check’s this week’s video, because we also go over three different roleplaying games (RPG) that are currently trying to get funded on Kickstarter. You can pick between the super cheap Wave of Darkness, the original Dungeons of Aledorn or the reputable Seven Dragon Saga.

For more immediate RPG fun, Kwaan on Steam, through Early Access, has a rather unique massive multiplayer pitch. It’s certainly unusual to see this genre in a cute, 2D pixel art style.

There are also some games nearing release to look forward to. Take your pick of either the highly improved space conquest game, StarDrive 2, or tackle an entirely new sort of adventure in Finding Teddy 2, who now takes more inspiration from The Legend of Zelda II.

We usually have some nice Steam Greenlight games to point out as well.  For instance, Halcyon 6 seems to get a lot of attention for its mix of XCOM and FTL: Faster Than Light.

Always more things coming up in Game Talk and as always, we’d love to hear from you what projects you’re checking out. Feel free to tell us in the comments.

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