Codemasters is Teasing Overlord 3 on Twitter

By   /   Mar 21, 2015

It seems that Codemaster is working hard on a couple of projects and are close to announcing something. Just recently, Codemasters teased the new DiRT game via twitter, along with bluntly mentioning the game in a job listing.

The listing also suggested the possibility of Grid, but we’ll have to wait for further details. Now, once again, Codemasters has teased another project on twitter and if speculations come true, Overlord 3 is in development at the studio.

To tease the game, Codemasters not only used its official account but also used Gnarl’s as well. For those who don’t know, Gnarl is a lead character in the game and his account was established back in 2009.

His account was silent for a long time, but it suddenly came back to life and issued a series of tweets before going dark again. Apparently his “Glow Slate” was running out of juice.

“This glow slate has notified me it requires lightning but there isn’t a cloud in the sky. Curse this useless trinket.”

However, before putting his slate on charge, he notified readers that this won’t be the last time we’ll hear from him. Because “Evil always finds a way.”

All the evidence suggest that an Overlord game is indeed in development but Codemasters are yet to make an official announcement. That I believe isn’t too far away, so check back with us for more on Overlord.

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