Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Altas Ranger Set is Now Available

By   /   Mar 21, 2015

Sledgehammer is showing some love to Xbox One and Xbox 360 by releasing exclusive Atlas Ranger Set. The content will be distributed via supply drops so make sure you have some armoury slots available.

The content was released a little after Atlas Engineer set. As mentioned above, the content is exclusive to Xbox platforms but it seems there are some issues with the supply drop. Fans were seen asking to fix supply drops on Xbox 360 as soon as the Ranger Set was made available.

Developers have so far been silent on the matter but hopefully an update will be released for the platform. On the other hand, the content is being demanded for PlayStation as well, but nothing is announced at the moment.

Personally, I have experienced no such issues with supply drops but online connectivity has been frustrating for me. The game suffers from regular host migrations and connection drops even on a decent internet connection. It’s been months since the game came out but still these type of bugs aren’t sorted out.

Are you having issues with supply drops or online connectivity in Advanced Warfare? Let us know what’s happening on your side in the comments below.

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