This is What Phantom Dust Reboot Could Look Like on Xbox One

By   /   Mar 20, 2015

Fans of Phantom Dust were jolted last month by news that the studio behind the Phantom Dust Reboot had been shut down. After all, who doesn’t want to play their favorite game on the latest console they have bought!

However, Microsoft had stated back then that the development on the game for Xbox One will continue although they failed to explain how and with who.

Those two questions still remain unanswered; but we have something to make you wish that they get answered soon – and in a way that the fans would like.

Some new footage has surfaced online that shows what the Phantom Dust Reboot looked like.

The video is probably from the time when Darkside Games was working on the title. This is important because Microsoft, the publisher, has not clarified whether they will be continuing the development from where Darkside left or will another studio start afresh.

Nonetheless, check out the video where you can see a returning character from the original title, Freia and a male character going one on one in a battle.

According to the source who has leaked the footage, Microsoft primarily sought a multiplayer title although the need for singleplayer campaign was later understood and incorporated into the plans.

The anonymous source also shared some insights into the gameplay:

Each player would have an arsenal deck of cards (skills) they could mix and match to bring into a battle, but their cards/skills were randomly selected from the deck once in the battle. You’d have a starting hand (bottom right) and if you didn’t like that hand, you could do a re-roll at the start of the match,” the source told me. “The orbs you pick up represent those cards/skills.

So what do you think, will Phantom Dust Reboot still release, and will it be as worthy as you thought it would?

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