New Nintendo Membership to Start This Fall: Iwata

By   /   Mar 20, 2015

We reported on the massive developments in the gaming industry relating to teh prtnership between Nintendo and DeNA which has finally warranted Nintendo’s entry into the mobile gaming world.

After being reluctant to do so for years, Satoru Iwata finally gave in to the demands of the shhareholdes, but now that they are in on it, Iwwata wants things to go as big as they can.

In a recent interview with Time, Iwata-san was discussing their plans about the venture and during the interview he revealed that a new membership service was going to be started.

Not only that, he confirmed that it was being co-developed by DeNA and was going to go live sometime in fall this year:

We are planning to start a new membership service, which can be deployed on multiple devices, such as Nintendo’s game systems, smart devices and PCs starting from the fall of this year, to be jointly developed with DeNA. While this is going to be Nintendo’s membership service that we operate, because DeNA has impeccable know-how in system development across multiple devices, as well as in the construction of networks and servers, we are planning to develop a new membership service that can take advantage of both companies. Regarding details, please wait for our further announcements.

The chief executive officer of Nintendo also quantified how the two companies were going to share responsibilities for instance he confirmed that due to their “extensive know-how in developing the service side of things,” DeNA will be “primarily responsible for the service-oriented operations.”

As you can see, he has not clarified whether this is going to replace the previous services or work side by side, I guess we will have to wait for more information on that front.

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