Natalia Kills and Willy Moon Apologize for Mocking Joe on X Factor

By   /   Mar 20, 2015

Honesty has a price and for Natalia Kills and Willy Moon, it was a written apology to the X-Factor contestant Joe Irvine.

Moon and Kills were judges on X-Factor New Zealand; both judges heartlessly roasted contestant Joe who performed live on stage on Sunday.

The Judges were fired from the show for insulting the participant. Kills called him laughing stock and disgusting whereas Moons associated him with Norman Bates (Psycho and a Serial Killer).

Natalia Kills expressed her point of view about reality shows and how they are edited and trimmed to give a specific perspective.

“A lot goes on behind-the-scene of a reality show and what you see isn’t always the whole story. The show brought me on to bring my passion, dramatic expression and perspective. I was encouraged to be outspoken and things got out of hand. Joe, I hope you can forgive me and I wish you all the best!”

Willy Moon also added how the judges are expected and encouraged to be honest but perhaps ‘Reality’ TV shows are not real anymore.

“The reality of ‘reality’ TV is that there’s a lot the viewer doesn’t see. The show encourages judges to be forthright and highly opinionated. It went too far and I never intended to single anyone out. I wish the contestants, crew and particularly Joe, all the best.”

Kills and Moon are both singers and songwriters.

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