Kingdom Hearts III Could Make First Playable Public Appearance in November

By   /   Mar 20, 2015

Kingdom Hearts III, one of the biggest releases planned for next year, may be playable in public for the first time later this year.

A special Kingdom Hearts event is being planned alongside the D23 Expo held in Tokyo, Japan at the end of the year. The convention is going to run from November 6-8, but the Kingdom Hearts special event is taking place a bit sooner on November 3. It’s speculated that all attendees will be able to play the game for the first time here.

Sure enough, we have E3 taking place in summers as well. That’s also a major stage to put forward the game for public pleasure. However, with a 2016 release date, development of Kingdom Hearts III might not have reached that stage to make the team confident enough to put the game in the public’s hands.

The speculation of Kingdom Hearts III’s availability in November is based on a video published by Youtuber TheGamersJoint who explains why it’s a possibility.

Square Enix is developing Kingdom Hearts III for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game will feature Sora as the protagonist once again, and bring back Riku, Donald Duck, Goofy, as well as various other familiar Disney characters.

The third installment will pick up right after the events of Dream Drop Distance where Sora and company will attempt to search for seven guardians of light and the “Key to Return Hearts.”

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