Halo 5 Teaser Countdown Page Goes Live, Time to Hunt the Truth

By   /   Mar 20, 2015

Just hours ago, game director Frank O’Connor tweeted about a new teaser countdown for something related to Halo 5. The countdown ends on March 21 6pm Pacific Time or March 22 at 1AM UK and is expected to bring some exciting news about the game.

Visiting the page on Tumblr will not only show you the countdown but a large bullet on top of it, engraved with the word “Traitor.” From what we know so far about Halo 5, this word is certainly referring to Master Chief. The iconic hero is on the run and is being hunted by James Locke for reasons unknown.

At the bottom of the game you can a hashtag #HUNTtheTRUTH.

Halo 5

There are a lot of speculations about what’s going on here, one theory suggests that we are getting a new live action trailer. The basis of this rumor is a leaked screenshot.

Halo 5

On the other hand people are expecting a release date to be announced, alongside a new campaign trailer. As you know, Halo 5 is still without a release date but is expected sometime this Fall.

Fans are also hoping to see another beta for the game, but it’s unlikely that will happen just yet.

I can’t help but lean towards the live action trailer rumour. I don’t think 343 is announcing a release date before E3 2015. The event is being held in early June and Microsoft along with other industry giants will attend.

We’ll have to wait for another day or so before curtains are raised from this mystery.

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