Driver: Speedboat Paradise Worldwide Release Announced

By   /   Mar 20, 2015

The last Driver game was a bit disappointing and honestly I don’t really see another Driver game for consoles coming anytime soon. So what is Ubisoft going to do with the franchise? Well, the company decided to expand this franchise to mobile platforms.

Usually, Driver is all about driving cars and completing different missions/tasks using your beloved vehicle. However, this mobile project is different. Dubbed as Driver: Speedboat Paradise, the game will put you behind the wheel of a speedboat.

You’ll take the role of a driver competing in underground races, according to Ubisoft.

You’re a young, reckless driver trying to make a name for yourself in the ruthless world of underground speedboat racing. But your quest for fame and fortune takes an unexpected turn when you cross paths with legendary cop John Tanner.

Ubisoft plans to deliver an arcade-style experience with customizable boats and decent story with shady criminals and FBI.

This isn’t exactly this game’s first outing in the market. The game had a soft launch last year in select territories but now a worldwide release is upon us.

Driver: Speedboat Paradise is heading to devices running iOS and Android in April. You can see an announcement trailer for the title above.

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