Destiny to Improve Visibility Contols for Color-Blind Support

By   /   Mar 20, 2015

It is always a good when developers understand that the gaming community can have varied needs and it is even better when they actually try to go the extra mile and do something about it.

For instance, color-blindness is something that people experience all over the globe and so naturally there would be gamers who have this issue.

Not many developers consider such issues while developing games, however Bungie is different. They really want to make sure that whether color-blind or not, you get to enjoy the game to the fullest.

The are adding audio and visual aid for the gamers who have problems while playing Destiny because the game relies on the colors used in the game mechanics. All the improvements are to be made in the next update 1.1.2.

The official website of the developers has detailed some of the additions that they are going to make:

We took a lot of care to make sure our game shipped colorblind-friendly, but these settings will make things even easier for our colorblind friends. While the colorblind options may make the HUD look wonderfully colorful to many of us, colorblind players will gain a more distinct clarity, helping their environmental awareness – as well as helping them avoid that unintentional exotic dismantle.

The update is also going to bring in some other improvements to the game including audio options and maybe added vault space. You might want to check Bungie’s weekly update to find out more about the changes that are coming to Destiny.

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