Battlefield Hardline Levolution Guide – How to Trigger Destruction on All Maps

By   /   Mar 20, 2015

Levolution is nothing new to any Battlefield player and has also returned to ‘Battlefield Hardline’. Those who are new to the series, Levolution is basically a dynamic map event which changes the level design.

Battlefield Hardline Levolution

There are two types of events that made up Levolution: small and large.

Small events include instances like opening/closing of doors, elevators, and more. Large events, on the other hand, completely alter the map layout and vary from one map to another.

In ‘Battlefield Hardline’, there is some instance of Levolution on almost every map. In addition to this, the ‘Heist’ mode features breakable vaults and walls which is another sort of exclusive Levolution in this installment.

In this guide, I will cover everything on Levolution in Battlefield Hardline:

Bank Job
Bank Job is not big on Levolution, but it does feature some small events like opening/closing of doors and elevators. In addition to this, you can shoot down chandelier hanging in the lobby. Place your shots well at time and you will kill anyone standing beneath it.

Unlike the Bank Job, Derailed is exceedingly large on Levolution. The dynamic event on this map changes many major things such as Capture Points forcing players to change their strategy. However, the event can only be triggered manually by a human player.

In order to do so, you can to shoot down the large gas tanker in the middle of the bridge to cause a massive explosion – you can do so using bullets or explosive gadgets. The explosion will make the bridge to collapse, changing the whole layout of the map.

Similar to Derailed, Downtown also feature major events to trigger Levolution. You can see a large yellow crane placed in the very heart of the map. If you look closely, you can notice that the crane is held by four suspension wires.

In order to trigger Levolution, you need to destroy at least three of those four wires and bring the entire crane down. The wreckage will create many new jumps, spots, and small bridges to reach new areas.

Dust Bowl
Unlike previous map’s Levolution events, Dust Bowl has a dynamic event which is triggered automatically without any external influence from human players.

After a pre-determined time, a large dust storm will cover the entire map. This will not only reduce visibility, but also the game’s sound. I would highly recommend not using any kind of vehicles during the storm.

You will come across a small fracking site near Flag B on Everglades. The site contains a bunch of drilling rigs which can be activated using a Control Panel located in the adjacent buildings.

After activating these drills, you will notice a greenish gas erupting all across the area.

In order to cause the dynamic event, you need to shoot the greenish gas or cause an explosive nearby which will cause a massive explosion in the vicinity changing the layout of the map.

This entire map is set around a large underground area where illegal weed is grown and stored. The walls of the bunkers can be easily destroyed using explosives of any capacity creating a handful of routes to go in and out of the area.

Aside from this, you can also shoot down a large red tanker to create a tunnel leading into the bunker. Once you have headed inside, you can set the weed inside on fire and trigger a sprinkle system to put out the fire which masks visibility and sound of the map.

Hollywood Heights
While playing on this map, you will come across a large house in the very middle of the map near Flag-B.

If you head to the backside of the mansion, you will come across three columns providing support to the mansion – the columns are located near the pool. If you shoot down or destroy these columns using any means and you will create a couple of new paths leading into what’s-left-of-the-mansion.

Pretty similar to Dust Bowl, Riptide also contains a weather-related Levolution which is triggered automatically after a pre-determined period of time. This dynamic event causes a huge storm to appear on the map.

You will be able to witness lightning and a large sea-storm. Similar to Dust Bowl, I would not recommend using any sort of vehicle once the Levolution has occurred.

The Block
For the final map, you will come across four apartments near Flag B on the map. You can use your weapons or explosive gadgets to completely destroy the walls of these buildings causing them to come crumbling down.

You can also watch the YouTube demonstration by LevelCapGaming to see how these Levolution work out.

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