Xenoblade Chronicles X Website Update Reveals New Screenshots

By   /   Mar 19, 2015

The latest update for official Xenoblade Chronicles website has revealed some amazing screenshots from the game. The images show a range of creatures you’ll come across on planet Mira.

Mira is home to many different monsters, some of them may not be violent while others may try to rip you apart on sight. The design of these monsters is not completely alien. You’ll find some resemblance between creatures of Earth and Mira.

For example, one of the monsters seem like a mix of hippo and pig. Another one resembles a chimpanzee but on steroids. However, the most coolest is a dinosaur like monster who looks really intimidating.

Apart from the monsters, some of these images gave us a look at a few gorgeous locations including a beach and a river.

According to the latest update, monsters known as Overds are great threat to humans. Unlike regular monsters, they are much stronger and tough to beat.

Overds are part of some quests and players are asked to be well-prepared before facing them. Check out the latest batch of screenshots and let us know what you think in the comments.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is heading to Japan for Wii U next month, before making an appearance in North America and EU later on.

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