Watch EVE: Valkyrie’s Fanfest Gameplay Trailer That Was Put Together Using VR

By   /   Mar 19, 2015

CCP Games premiered a new trailer for EVE: Valkyrie at its annual Fanfest celebration in Iceland today.

The three-minute gameplay trailer is from the single-player portion and is captured by someone wearing a virtual reality headset. It may have taken the team multiple attempts to get it right, but this is certainly another way of putting up a trailer for a game.

The perspective is from the player’s eyes, and the camera rotates to what the wearer wants to see. You can imagine why this process must have taken multiple takes. The person wearing the virtual reality headset had to be looking in the right direction when certain events unfold.

Of course practically in a situation where a player has never played the game before, events might take place off-screen, which only would bring a new level of experience.

With virtual reality devices heading to the consumer market later this year and the next, I figure that with time, we’ll eventually see more studios follow CCP’s lead.

You can watch the trailer above, which is from a pre-alpha build, and see some “intense team-based dogfights” in a dark sci-fi setting of the EVE Online universe.

EVE: Valkyrie is currently in development by CCP Games for Oculus Rift on the PC and Project Morpheus on the PlayStation 4.

Pre-alpha sign-ups have been opened and the slots are in limited quantities. You can head to the official website where you can enroll for a spot at testing.

Registration is open only for EVE Online and DUST 514 players.

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