Tekken 7 Datamined, Jin Kazama and Other Characters Apparently Leaked

By   /   Mar 19, 2015

Since the announcement of Tekken 7, speculations and rumors surrounded the return of Jin Kazama. Bandai Namco and Narada kept things under wraps and never denied or confirmed the inclusion of Jin.

Thanks to some Korean dataminers, few leaked images suggest that the popular fighter is indeed a part of Tekken 7. Not only his human form, but Devil Jin is also in coming back. Well, at least that’s what the images suggest.

Honestly, there is no doubt in my mind about his return. Tekken 7 is ending Mishima family saga and how can things end without Jin being in the middle of it all? However, nothing concrete was being announced and even now we don’t know if these images are legit or not.

Character models look really last-gen which indicates they are from an early build of the game. Apart from Jin, a new female character can also be seen in the gallery below, and yes it’s another Asian girl. Does Namco has something against black people?

Anyways, third character you see seems to be robotic but it may also be just a costume for Jack or Marduk. Bandai Namco is yet to say a word about this leak so check back with us for an update on the matter.

Tekken 7 is already available in Japanese arcades and a console version is expected later this year.

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