Survey Asks About Alan Wake Xbox One Remastered Edition

By   /   Mar 19, 2015

Well, we all know that Alan Wake is the kind of a game that people would want to play again. Seeing how we have moved on inn terms of the console generation, one of two things would make sense, either a sequel or a remastered version.

However that would also require two things; one, that Microsoft wants to do something like that and two, that they know people really want it.

A recent survey being held by them gives answers to both of those questions – well, almost.

Saying “we rely on our customers for making Xbox and Xbox Live an even better gaming and entertainment experience,” and asking users to “take this opportunity to share your thoughts with [them],” they required users to fill up a survey.

Inside, they tried to gauge the interest among Xbox One users in the idea of a remastered Alan Wake game for the Xbox One.

They did so on more occasions than one: firstly they asked “would you recommend Alan Wake to a friend or family member.” The users had to choose how likely it was by selecting numbers between one to nine.

Secondly, they mentioned it in connection with Quantum Break. The question was, “which of the incentives listed below, if offered to you, would motivate you to preorder Quantum Break.”

The choices given included “a free copy of Alan Wake Xbox One Remastered Edition.”

Could they get more open than that?

Well, it seems Microsoft itself is pretty much interested in the idea of bringing the game to Xbox One, and it would probably be a remastered version.

Now it is up to the fans whether they want it or not.

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