Jim Parsons Wants to Play a Superhero But Who Is It?

By   /   Mar 19, 2015

The hard to comprehend Sheldon Cooper from CBS’ Emmy Award winning show ‘The Big Bang Theory’ reveals that there is only one superhero, in fact a super-Villian, which he would love to play.

We all know he loves superhero comic books and he has made it obvious that he adores batman and The flash.

Recently, Parsons revealed that as much as the character ‘The Riddler’ is evil and wicked besides being Batman’s foe; he would love to play the character. Parsons admitted this to MTV News UK during a promotional event for his upcoming feature Home.

“I would love to play a superhero in a movie, I would like to be a villain. And…I would really like to play The Riddler. I don’t feel they’re using the Riddler very much, are they?”

Parsons loves the super villain character and it would be exciting seeing him play The Riddler as the character has not yet had its separate feature and it has not been employed clearly in any of the movies. Except for the part where Cory Michael Smith plays an early personification of the Riddler in Gotham.

There is no confirmation yet of Jim Parsons playing the character of The Riddler yet or as a matter of fact we don’t even know if a feature film will be made on Batman’s foe.

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