Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain Aiming to Shift the Meta, Dr. Boom Will Not be Nerfed

By   /   Mar 19, 2015

Recently announced at PAX East, BlackRock Mountain is the next expansion for Hearthstone and is due for release in April.

A larger focus on Blackrock Mountain is to deter the current meta and shift things around. For this, the update plans to focus on dragons and a new gameplay element that will affect cards in your hand in a major way.

Game director Eric Dodds recently spoke with PCGamesN about the upcoming changes and said that “with the dragons, we want to create new deck archetypes.”

Dodds does not believe that the most popular of decks that are currently being run are the ultimate versions that can be obtained in the game. He is confident that with BlackRock Mountain, the metagame will change and some of the new cards will provide solutions to various metagame problems.

On the issue of a lot of requests being made to nerf Dr. Boom, Dodds said that Blizzard has no particular interest in addressing that card right now. It is powerful yes, but it’s “not taking the game into an unhealthy place right now.”

The BlackRock Mountain update will feature a total of five wings, each of which will be opened on a weekly basis. In total, the expansion will incorporate seventeen bosses and thirty-one brand new cards.

Source: PCGamesN

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