Dying Light: 378M Zombies Killed, 93M Miles Travelled and More

By   /   Mar 19, 2015

We all know how the community fell about Dying Light the moment it released, it has been highly popular, although we have had tons of games based on the zombie apocalypse theme.

Now, it is time for Techland to boast of what they have achieved – or rather, what the community has achieved.

In a short infographic, the developers have listed statistics that would really amaze you.

For instance, all fans of Dying Light combined have killed a total of 370 million zombies! Just to give you an idea, that is 58 million greater than the population of United States of America!

Moving on, it was revealed that the players travelled nearly 94 million miles (93,761,044 miles to be exact) – had it been in real life and done by one person, he would have made 120 round trips to the moon!

Next, more than 7.3 million miles were climbed; if there was a peak that high it would have taken you seven years to reach the ground if you fell from the top.

Also, 5.3 million survivors were saved which is greater than the whole population of Ireland and you used 11 times The Eifel Tower’s weight’s worth of Medkits (163.4 million Medkits).

Last and most important, together the players collected $1250 billion in money! Do you know that is more than double the total worth of the top ten richest people in the world, combined?

All this was achieved by the 3.2 million gamers who are playing Dying Light. It has been 45 days since the game was released.

Those are some really gigantic figures, don’t you think? Also, in your opinion will these figures continue to grow or slow down and eventually die out sooner than we expect?

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