The Division: Fans Unravel Mysterious Coordinates

By   /   Mar 19, 2015

Earlier today, The Division’s co-developer Red Storm Entertainment posted an image of a military badge on Twitter, along with coordinates to an unknown location.

The closeup of the badge shows the title SHD, with the words “Extremis Malis Extrema Remedia” – Latin for Extreme Evil Extreme Remedies. It’s unknown as to what meaning the badge holds for The Division. It could very well be related to a new military organization or government facility.

As for the coordinates themselves – 40 deg 45 min 29 sec N 73 deg 58 min 44 sec W – Internet detectives went to work and figured that it points to someplace near Rockefeller Plaza. Details are still scarce for now and we’ll probably be hearing more from Red Storm Entertainment in the days to come.

Recent leaks and speculation have put forward minor details about the crafting element in The Division. Players will be able to establish bases and work to fortify them.

When asked about this in a panel hosted by Massive Entertainment in SXSW Gaming, Ubisoft said that it has no plans to share such details with the public. However, more information about the game will be released soon.

The Division is slated for a release later this year for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. It was supposed or at least hinted to target a late 2014 release date, but was pushed back to this year. Let us hope that Ubisoft does not plan on delaying this title any further. This year’s holiday season is looking plain as it is.

Source Twitter

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