Ashley Judd Wants to Press Charges Against Twitter Trolls

By   /   Mar 19, 2015

Ashley Judd will press charges against all the people who sent her hateful mails via Twitter after she posted something about the Arkansas team ‘Playing Dirty’.

Judd posted the aforementioned words on her Twitter during the SEC game on Sunday between Arkansas Razorbacks and Kentucky Wildcats.

Many people replied with a hateful and offensive tweet, let’s just say they were not happy with what Judd had to say about their favorites but the tweets were way out of the line.

During a live interview on MSNBC Judd spoke out that, she is not going to settle against these bullies and she will sue them for harassing her on Monday.

“Well apparently I’m a ‘wh-re’. I have been called the c-word… The way things happen on social media is so abusive. Everyone needs to take personal responsibility for what they write and not allowing this misinterpretation and shaming culture on social media to persist. And by the way, I’m pressing charges.”

On The Today Show aired on Tuesday, she talked about her memoir from 2011 where she mentioned how she was sexually abused.

“The amount of gender violence that I experience is absolutely extraordinary. And a significant part of my day today will be spent filing police reports at home about gender violence that’s directed at me in social media. When I express a stout opinion during #MarchMadness I am called a whore, c—, threatened with sexual violence. Not okay.”

Judd also tweeted an example of the kind of hate messages she was receiving.

“@Leeroy_MAX: .@AshleyJudd Go suck on Cal’s two inch d**k ye B***h wh*re.”

She is going to make sure that all these bullies (if not punished) at least realize what they have done is wrong.

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