Phil Spencer on Gears of War Collection for Xbox One

By   /   Mar 18, 2015

Seeing as how many of us love the Gears of War series, it would make sense to ask Microsoft if they would be nice enough to churn out a plan and give all the previous iterations to us on their latest console.

I mean a new game would be awesome but if they can pull of a Gears of War Collection better than the Halo Master Chief Collection, I am definitely in!

So that is exactly what one of the Xbox One users did, he asked Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox at Microsoft if they were going to see the GOW Collection on Xbox One (please give me a simple answer; yes or no, he said).

However, we know better than to expect that the officials would let loose such a big news just like that, so Spencer responded with something that not only avoided direct answers but also gave us hope!

“Haha, I can’t announce that. But stay tuned,” he said.

So yeah, that is not a confirmation, but that is definitely not a denial for the same. In fact, it could be a hint that we should keep an eye out for something on that front in the near future.

talking of near future, E3 2015 is racing towards us pretty fast, and that is also the event many have speculated about. Included in those speculations has been the hope that maybe Microsoft will announce this very same Gears of War Collection for Xbox One.

Now that even Phil Spencer is asking us to “stay tuned” about that, I think it is fine if we keep some hope alive, don’t you think?

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