Insidious Chapter 3 Trailer Tries to Scare You, Scary Enough?

By   /   Mar 18, 2015

Insidious 3 is apparently going to the scariest of all and we are compelled to believe because of the trailer released by Entertainment One.

This trailer is scary and geez that creepy ‘tip-toe’ music, gives you chills. Not only the creative and production team has improved the visuals but this one actually does look like a horror film rather than a parody.

The third chapter from Insidious takes its audiences back in time where it all started. This sequel revolves around the Brenner family, a destructive spirit has latched onto the teenage girl’s soul and it will only sit back when she dies.

Dermot Mulroney and Stephanie Scott play the characters of Sean and Quinn. The ugly demonic ‘thing’ is after this family now and this is where Elise Rainer (Lin Shaye) steps in as the ultimate psychic who has the power to enter their dreams and help them out.

By the way, as far as we know, the new horror movie according to its tagline is supposed to be “the most terrifying installment yet”. Well it sure has an eerie music, ugly hands and creatures coming out from behind the curtains but you never know.

It may or it may not actually be scary for you. A horror film can easily shift from being scary to funny.
Leigh Whannell is directing the movie, although he has been associated with earlier projects but for the first time, he is the man behind everything. He also wrote the story for Insidious chapter 3.

Insidious 3 premieres on June 5.

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