Nintendo Stocks Skyrocket After Announcing Mobile Gaming Development

By   /   Mar 17, 2015

Nintendo’s stock has currently climbed by an incredible 45%, according to CNN Money.

The sudden positive slopped trend has been observed immediately after Nintendo surprisingly introduced itself to the world as a participant in mobile games development and publishing. Ever since the news, Nintendo’s stock rate has been climbing to unimaginable levels.

The company has always been extremely influential in the gaming industry, but its impact in recent years seemed to have dwindled because of its virtual and hardware isolation from conventional gaming, and its over-dependency on the sales of Wii U and the handheld 3DS consoles.

However, following the announcement of mobile game development by company President Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s value seems to have soared. Investors had already been demanding for several years that Nintendo enter the mobile platform, and now that they have through a partnership with DeNA, they seem to have shown interest.

Nintendo also teased their new gaming Hardware codenamed ‘NX’ in the press conference in which the announced the mobile development project. NX will be a next-generation gaming platform that, according to Mr. Iwata, will bring a “brand-new concept.”

Nintendo is expected to reveal more details of this project next year. Following the below-expected sales of the Wii U, it makes sense that Nintendo is attempting to freshen things up by introducing a better platform that could very well turn out to be their flagship console.

The firm has also released details of a new membership program that will integrate Nintendo hardware, smart devices, and PCs, and will ultimately be replacing Club Nintendo.

The gaming giant seems to be heading in the right direction as of now. Where do you see Nintendo in the next few years? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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