Nintendo Goes Big in Mobile Game Development with DeNA!

By   /   Mar 17, 2015

It has been a while since people started debating a future for Nintendo in the mobile game development industry. With the changing tides in the gaming community and the way smartphones are used, it seemed like a step they would take eventually – although they resisted for quite some time.

That was, however, before they gave in.

In fact, giving in might not be the right choice of words here; Nintendo actually jumped into mobile game development industry with a sudden big bang!

A press conference was called recently where Satoru Iwata, the company president, revealed a “business and capital alliance” with DeNA together with Isao Moriyasu, the president and chief executive officer of DeNA Co. Ltd.

The highlight of the matter is that the two companies are going to be working together to make mobile games based on Nintendo IPs – finally.

Whether you like it or not, this is happening.

You could read everything that Iwata said from the official website of Nintendo, or you could just skip to the part where he explains how they are going to strategize this:

Potentially, any Nintendo IP could be used in our smart device software. On the other hand, as I just said, games on smart devices require ever-evolving services rather than just being a finished product. A combined effort will be necessary to operate them. People’s attention would only be dispersed if we simply increased the number of the titles we simultaneously released, and we could not expect to expand our business. Accordingly, we will narrow down the titles for development and operation to some extent.

So yeah, shareholders win!

Do tell us what you think of their decision in the comments!

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