Justin Bieber Roast: Mom Will be a Good Sport and Support Son

By   /   Mar 17, 2015

Pete Davidson, Martha Stewart, Hannibal Buress and Ludacris roasted Justin Bieber on Comedy Central with Kevin Hart. The show was taped on March 14 in Los Angeles and it will be aired on 30 March.

Bieber’s mother Patti Mallette said at the red carpet that no mother wants to see her child get roasted but if Justin wants Bieber Roast, she is going to support him anyway. She also added that everyone knows what is going to happen so she expects the worst.

I personally think, as a mom, that no mom wants to see their kid get roasted, so I don’t love the idea of a roast. I am going to be a good sport. It is what it is. I know what I’m coming into; we know what we’re expecting, so it’s all good.

Mallette thinks it is difficult growing up being a star, with everyone looking up to you and following you. A person might lose their actual self.

I think it’s a tough thing to grow up under the world’s judging eyes, and everybody goes through their stages, everybody learns differently, everybody looks at things differently and I’m proud of him.

Mallette also said that she could mock Bieber over those loose pants all the time. “I think that’s about the extent of it for me, obviously, [because] moms want to be encouraging to their kids, but definitely. Pull up those pants!”

As a sign to show that Bieber ‘matured,’ he stopped wearing his belts in 2012 but don’t we all think it is about time he starts wearing them again? Because mama Mallette does not like it at all.

So, are you looking forward to the Bieber Roast?

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