BioShock Infinite is Free on Games with Gold Right Now

By   /   Mar 17, 2015

The second half of every month is supposed to bring a second free game for the Xbox 360 users who stay connected with Xbox Live. Just in case you have forgotten, the game you were supposed to get in the last two weeks of March was BioShock Infinite.

So yeah, if you haven’t plugged in your consoles to grab the free title, do so now because the game is free to play right now thanks to the Games with Gold offerings.

In the first two weeks of March, Microsoft allowed the Xbox 360 users to play Tomb Raider for free before switching it with the highly loved first person shooter by Irrational Games.

As far as Xbox One is concerned, it only gets one game per month and this time it was, rather is, Rayman Legends – quite a handsome offer if you ask me!

Interestingly, March also marks the two year anniversary of BioShock Infinite’s release (it is on March 26 to be exact), so it really gives a good gesture when Microsoft is letting people play it for free at this time.

However, we are not past the release related news for the game, it is still to get a Linux version for which no specific release date has been shared so far. The developers have said it will come out in early 2015, but that is all we know so far.

Coming back to Games with Gold, tell us if you have played any of the free games this month and which ones did you like the most. Also, are you going to make use of this opportunity and play BioShock Infinite, again?

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