YouTube User Recreates The Simpsons Intro in MineCraft

By   /   Mar 16, 2015

We have seen plenty of amazing recreations in MineCraft. We saw the world of Skyrim, Disneyland and even Denmark was recreated in the game. Personally, I have never given much time to MineCraft, I’m more of shoot-em-up kind of a player. However, such creations from our fellow gamers never stop to amaze me.

Today, I’m here to report another great work of art in MineCraft. Bearly Regal, a YouTube user has managed to recreate the iconic intro from the Simpsons. See the intro above and be amazed.

It’s not identical to the original intro but it’s close enough. For example, instead of using a skate-board, Bart just runs home after school. On the other hand, Lisa is holding a sword rather than her Saxophone.

Simpsons is a series I have been watching since forever, even now I never miss an episode. I hope to see more Simpsons inspired art created in MineCraft. So for more on MineCraft, stay-tuned to SegmentNext.

Check out the footage and let us know of your reaction in the comments below.

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