VH1’s Hindsight Renewed for Season 2

By   /   Mar 16, 2015

VH1’s hit series Hindsight has been renewed for a second season.

Hindsight is a time-lapse show, which takes you back to the groovy music and retro clothes of the 90s. The show stars Becca played by Laura Ramsey, a girl who is trying to alter her mistakes from the past.

Becca all of a sudden goes twenty years back (like a looper thing where you can jump back in time) from the eve of her second marriage to the morning of her first. Now she has the time and opportunity to make all the ‘Right Decisions’ and amend broken or rather inappropriate relationships.

What she is unaware of is that even the minute alterations that she makes in her past; it is going to affect the people that she loves.

Hindsight creator Emily Fox guarantees TVLine that Season 2 is going to be huge and people will have a better understanding as to why certain things are happening.

“We have a grand design of what could potentially happen. We have always come into this with a bigger picture and understanding of what is going on. You have to do that if you have a time-travel show… or you better have it.”

John A. Norris is the executive producer for this show. Maggie Malina and Alexander A. Motlagh work as executive producer for POPfilms.

Other cast members co-starring Laura Ramsey are Nick Clifford as Andy (husband number 2 from 2015), Craig Horner as Sean (first husband, 1995) and Sarah Goldberg as Lolly (her ex-best friend).

Details about the premiere remain undated.

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