Runic Games Explains Why Torchlight II Was Delayed for Mac

By   /   Mar 16, 2015

Runic Games’ fantastic action role-playing game Torchlight II released last month on the Mac, more than two years after its initial launch on PC back in September 2012.

Many went ahead to pre-order the game, seeing how amazing the first game was, but unfortunately, the Mac version never materialized within the first few months. The developer back then updated the community to tell them that work for the port was being done around the clock but it would take some more time.

Fast forward a couple of years, and here we are. One user expressed his disappointment over the proceedings in a post on Reddit, saying that he would no longer wish to purchase games from Runic Games in the future.

The post went viral and caught the attention of developer John Dunbar. Replying to the saddened fan under his nickname Volbard, he apologized for the immense delay and explained what went wrong.

Dunbar began by explaining how small Runic’s development team is and how they do not specialize in porting games to Mac and Linux. Most of the work has to be out-sourced, which can sometimes prove hectic.

“A fast port to Mac isn’t something we meant to promise, but it happened somewhere, and it sucks that some people bought the game anticipating a port that took forever to materialize. Sorry gh5046, I wish we could have gotten it out sooner. It’s especially lame that you pre-ordered the game to support us and then got screwed.”

I do like how he signed off. It shows just how enthusiastic the team at Runic Games is and why Torchlight will remain as one of the best experiences in gameplay out there.

“I hope you’ll check out one of our games in the future, but I definitely understand if you wait to try the demo first. I just want to make fun games, you probably just wanted to play fun games, hopefully next time we can make that work.”

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