Microsoft Talks About The ID@Xbox Program’s Parity Clause, Says It’s Misunderstood

By   /   Mar 16, 2015

Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program continues to be a topic of ridicule in some circles of indie developers. The frequent request of Microsoft dropping its launch parity clause has so far gone on deaf ears.

In case you’re unaware, the ID@Xbox program states that indie developers will be given free dev kits, game engine, and support, if the developers release their game first on the Xbox One or at the same time as other platforms. In comparison, Sony’s indie program has no such clause.

In a recent interview with Eurogamer at GDC 2015, European boss of the ID@Xbox program Agostino Simonetta discussed the indie exclusivity issue.

He firstly clarified that unless a game is entirely exclusive to another platform, there’s nothing stopping it from coming on the Xbox One through ID@Xbox. In the case that a game has already been released for another platform, Microsoft advises the developers to come “and talk to us.”

“Then we can figure out the best approach for making that title the biggest success it can be on our platform. The message is – talk to us, we can work together. There are no specific limitations on titles that have launched on other platforms coming to Xbox.”

Simonetta’s other statements signaled that the parity clause has generally been misunderstood. It’s not impossible for getting an indie game to arrive on the Xbox One through the ID@Xbox program after being released on the PlayStation 4. Simonetta though did not mention as to what would the terms be in such scenarios. He simply asked developers to come talk to them.

He also stated that the parity clause has nothing to do with quality control. “It’s just something where we want to have a conversation with developers to offer them a chance of success and to offer the consumer something that is fresh for them,” he said.

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