James Cameron Being Accused of Plagiarism Over Avatar

By   /   Mar 15, 2015

James Cameron was accused for stealing Avatar (again) by a Chechen Author.

Ruslan Zakriyev allegedly says that director James Cameron added scenes from his novel into Avatar’s screenplay.
Zakriyev claims that parts of his novel Sekretnoye Oruzhiye (Secret Weapon) published online in 2002 were used in Cameron’s Avatar.

Author Zakriyev seems unhappy because Avatar has some identical scenes to his works and apparently, he wants his fair-share.

The Hollywood Reporter discloses that news organization Russian News Service cites him, “Cameron should pay me $1 billion out of the $3 billion which the movie made. I’d like to form a film studio and make films, too.”

Cameron’s Avatar released in 2009 still has effects and fan following worldwide. Thus, a person coming after Cameron for plagiarism does not come as a surprise.

Zakriyev asserts that he has been trying to negotiate with Cameron and reach a goodwill agreement but Cameron thinks he is a fraud and must get in the line behind others to win them a free lottery.

The concept, which Cameron proposed, was not unique but it was interesting, although many alien movies were produced during that time but Avatar had a little something to it. The movie had this magnificent background of Planet Pandora and tall blue aliens trying to resolve the conflict.

Therefore, why Avatar is facing plagiarism charges? Is it because the concept was too common? Or is it because it was too simple. However, besides Zakriyev’s ‘goodwill’ for reaching an agreement, Cameron is in no hurry to pay him a ten-figure check.

Three Avatar sequels are ready to release each year starting from 2017.

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