The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Launch Trailer Appears Online

By   /   Mar 15, 2015

A launch trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited has appeared online, and which goes through all of its new and improved features.

The video appears to be taken off a stream, and hence is not official. Parent company Zenimx Online Studios would probably release the official version by tomorrow or day after.

The trailer highlights the different changes the game will undergo, as well as the additions and upgrades to various elements.

In January, Zenimax Online announced that it would be ditching the game’s standard subscription mode for a one-time fee, much like Guild Wars 2. Currently, the MMO stands with around a million subscribers, but it’s a lesser figure to what the game was expected to achieve.

The Elder Scrolls Online was launched on PC last year to reviews that questioned its content. The game was pretty much painted by players as an average MMO that was trying to use the Elder Scrolls name as a guise.

Things took another sharp turn for the game, when the promised PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions were delayed by a year. They will now launch on June 9, much to the disappointment of its console audience that was expecting to quest Tamriel last year.

With the relaunch of The Elder Scrolls Online as Tamriel Unlimited, the game’s developers look to correct that image by introducing a variety of new content.

Source Reddit

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