Star Citizen is Free This Weekend, Use the Code Inside

By   /   Mar 14, 2015

Why, hello there Citizens! In case you visited Cloud Imperium Games’ booth at PAX East, you are in for a weekend filled with Star Citizen awesomeness – and even if you did not, read on… Trust me!

Those who attended PAX East last week and visited Star Citizen booth will tell you that they received some codes that promised free access to the game over the weekend:

Roberts Space Industries is proud to offer PAX East 2015 attendees with a free flight week-end to try out Star Citizen’s Arena Commander Module! If you have a valid code given to you on the floor of the conference, paste it below to activate the PAX free flight weekend on your account!

With this pass you will be able to download and install the game, and fly a Hornet F7C in Arena Commander. Once activated the pass is valid until March 15th 2015!

But like I said, even if you enjoyed the event from the comfort of your living room, here is how you jump in:

Step #1
Visit Robert Space Industries’ website and look for special promotion for PAX East attendees.

Step #2
Sign-in using an existing account or register for a new one.

Step #3
Grab a code from here which was distributed among all PAX East attendees who visited the game’s booth.

Step #4
Download the game’s installer and jump in.

Like I mentioned earlier, the code will only grant you free access to game over this weekend – until Mar. 15, 2015. Download the game as soon as possible and do not forget to wave us among the stars.

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