Destiny: Players Can No Longer Predict Xur Stock, Fixed by Bungie

By   /   Mar 13, 2015

Guardians! I’m afraid there is no longer a way for players to predict XUR stock for the following week. Over the past few weeks, there were cases when users were able to data-mine Bungie’s shooter and get a peek into XUR’s stock. It really helped determine if we should start farming for motes of light and strange coins or not.

Because you know, XUR doesn’t always bring the best of items. Actually, more than often, he is kind of a disappointment. So yeah, it was great to know beforehand what we can expect to see. Now, Bungie has deployed countermeasures to stop players from accessing data. It’s more of a troll than a countermeasure if you ask me.

Bungie is using 8 servers from Activision and 8 from their own network. A fail safe is employed on 15/16, they keep shuffling ports and IPs leading to a dead-end. There’s one IP that does lead to some information but that’s where the troll is. All information on that IP about weapons, armours and upgrades has the same name, No Land Beyond.

No Land Beyond is one the most hated sniper rifles in Destiny, trolling level is high on this. So how exactly Bungie fixed the loop-hole? Well, one Reddit user claims that he is responsible for the fix. According to him, (upon player requests) he posted a step-by-step guide of the data mining process which lead Bungie to the fix.

He apologized to everyone and says he is looking for a work around and will be back with an update soon.

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