GTA 5 Online Series A Funding Heist Guide – Coke, Trash Truck, Bikers, Weed, Steal Meth and Finale

By   /   Mar 12, 2015

‘Series a Funding’ begins with a pleasant yet the most unexpected guest appearing at your doorstep – no, I will not disclosing anything. Similar to previous ones, this online heist also requires 4 players.

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GTA 5 Online Series A Funding Heist

The first 3 steps provided below can be completed in any order.

Series A – Coke
Details: Stick up some frat boy dealers on a yacht off the coast near Del Perro. Come at them from air and sea, and then bring their product to contractor.

For this section, your team has to be divided into a Helicopter Team and a Boat Team – one team needs to go to Vespucci Beach and the other team needs to head over to Higgins Helitours in La Puerta.

The Boat Team needs to drive the boat to the stern of the yacht. – It’s located in Del Perro. One important thing to note here is that Boat Team and Helicopter Team need to coordinate the attack which will get you a 3-star Wanted Level.

Furthermore, note that you to collect 9 blocks of coke which are scattered above and below the deck.

Note: The policemen are on the boat both for your team and frat boys drug dealers.

Once you have acquired all 9 blocks of coke, you will need to evade the cops which can be done by getting one of the jet-skis parked outside the yacht. Furthermore, do note that if you drive too close to a Police Cruise, you will regain a 2-star Wanted Level.

After getting rid of police, take the stuff back to contractor’s warehouse under the Los Santos Freeway in East Vinewood.

Series A – Trash Truck
Details: Get a trash truck and do your rounds collecting molly pills in trash bags from Vagos drop-offs. Deal with any assholes you meet and bring the bags to contractor.

Your first step is to pick up the Trash Truck. In order to do so, you need to head over to the recycling center on Alta Street in Chamberlain Hills. As soon as you reach South L.S.

Recycling, drop the security guards standing in the area. There are only a handful of them so it should not be a problem.

2 of your teammates need to stand on the sides of the Trashmaster and the rest 2 should sit in the passenger seats. With all 4 of you inside, take it to Forum Drive for your first collection – just a routine job, lads.

After arriving at the designated location, all 4 teammates need to get the trash and drop it inside the Trashmaster. For the next collection, head over to an alley off Vespucci Boulevard. There is a fight during this collection so pull up your socks.

After dropping all enemies and collecting the trash, head over to Capital Boulevard for your next collection. Similar to previous collection, drop the Vagos that show up in the area and head over to the gas station on the Supply Street.

Do note that you receive 05:40 minutes for the final collection so try and hurry things up a little. After the final collection, drive the Trashmaster to contractor’s warehouse.

You will face a ton of pursuing vehicles and enemies so make sure to eat some snacks and regenerate some HP from time to time. Furthermore, note that the warehouse is under the bridge – keep an eye out on your GPS lest you will be forced to take a detour.

After arriving at contractor’s warehouse, watch him get excited about the molly and complete this section of Series A.

Series A – Bikers
Details: Creep into the Lost camp at night, take out their guards on the quiet, and bring their vans to contractor. They should be loaded with meds.

For this job, you are required to make a pass at the Lost out near contractor’s place by the Alamo Sea. However, first you need to acquire some weapons from contractor’s trailer. Once you arrive at contractor’s trailer, take the Dinghy past Sandy Shores to the Lost camp at Stab City.

Coordination, stealth, and killing all the guards before moving out is the key to success in this part. I would highly recommend silencing all your weapons so as to make a tad easier. Just do not rush it and you should be fine – all the Lost MC guys are quite far from each other.

After dealing with the Lost MC, your next task is to locate the vans. Once you locate the vans, you will be asked to bring them over to contractor’s warehouse. Do note that you will be attacked by Lost MC on your way back.

The idea is to drive as fast as possible without worrying about the guys shooting you – just make sure you have plenty of P’s and Q’s.

Series A – Weed
Details: Go up to the saw-mill by Paleto Bay. The Ballas have a huge shipment of weed up there and a pickup truck with a gun placement on it. Get them and bring them to contractor.

For this job, there are once again, two teams: the Ground Team and the Gun Team. It’s the task of the Ground Team to go in and bring the shipment and the Gun Team’s job is to provide protection to the Ground Team.

Once you are dressed, head over to Paleto Forest to get some additional details from your contractor. The Gun Team should take position with a sniper rifles or anything with a long range and pick up some Ballas from a distance – for CJ.

Anyway, once you are done with all the enemies in the area, one team should steal the Benson and other team should steal the Technical.

It’s extremely crucial that both the teams should leave the area at the same time because the Technical Team or Lookout Team needs to provide covering fire to the other team. Furthermore, do note that you have limited time to get the trucks back to the contractor’s warehouse.

The mission completes as soon as you deliver the Bensons to the warehouse.

Series A – Steal Meth
Details: Some hillbillies called the O’Neil Brothers just got a large shipment of meth cooking ingredients delivered to their farm. Bring a tanker of that stuff to Chef at the gas station.

To get started, drive to the O’Neil Brothers’ Farmhouse. Once you arrive at the farmhouse, you need to clear the area off all the meth dealers.

There are no hard and fast rules here; just know that there are of a lot of these bad dudes and it will definitely take a while to clear the inside and outside of the house.

Once you clear the area off all the meth dealers, the contractor will ask you to steal the Tanker. Do note that the Tanker has HP and you must protect it from being destroyed. Furthermore, you will have to find a truck and attach it to the Tanker before moving it.

The O’Neil Brothers will constantly attack the Tanker while you are trying to deliver it to the nearest gas station so make sure your teammates are constantly protecting you while you are delivering it.

Once you successfully deliver the Tanker in one piece, the job will complete.

Series A Funding – Finale
Details: After that entire hard work crowd funding the business. It’s time to make some money. Come to the warehouse and help move two vans loaded with product.

The heist finale starts with 03:50 minutes to get to the contractor’s warehouse to help him defend all stolen drugs. After arriving at the warehouse, a team of two should take position on the north side and the other team on the south side.

For the final showdown, I would highly recommend using RPGs to blow some enemy vehicles and thin the enemy forces.

Once you are done with all the enemies swarming the warehouse, 2 of your teammates need to get inside the Technical in order to protect the two vans driven by the rest of your teammates. You need to take these vans to El Gordo Lighthouse.

Do note that you will not only have around 08:00 minutes to get to the drop off, limited amount of HP on trucks, but also choppers in your pursuit. The Technical Team handling the mounted machinegun needs to hold off the pursuers at all costs.

The heist completes as soon as you park near the El Gordo Lighthouse. Oh, and did I mention the cut-scene at the end is too OP.

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