Game Talk Ep.6 – Hotline KaguraBara Wii Paradise

By   /   Mar 12, 2015

There’s a ton to discuss in this week’s video of Game Talk again, because there’s always loads happening outside of major releases. One of those buzzing items is the launch of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, which many of us have been waiting for.

While the game has just dropped out of the Steam top 10 sellers, the murder simulator took the top spot, in conjunction with Cities: Skylines, for more than a full day. The latter sold 250,000 copies, so if that’s an indication, publisher Devolver Digital will have done well for itself.

Later in the video, you can see one of the company’s new projects: Paradise Never, which is a Groundhog Day survival game coming to PC.

More localization news again, as publisher Xseed Games announced that Onechanbara Z2: Chaos on Playstation 4 and Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson on Nintendo 3DS will make it to Western audiences. Both are sexually charged brawlers, with the former choosing a realistic style and the other opting for anime visuals.

Rodea: The Sky Soldier, another localization, has the honors of likely offering the last ever Nintendo Wii game.

In port news, Shovel Knight will come to Xbox One and feature developer Rare’s Battletoads, while Sonic-inspired platform game Freedom Planet comes to Wii U.

VoidExpanse, a top-down space game, will come to Steam on March 30, 2015. It has all your trading, mining and fighting needs.

As always, Game Talk tries to take you through some of the better Steam Greenlight approvals. This week, we highlight Slain, a gorey version of Castlevania, as well as The Vagrant, a tribute to Vanillaware games like Odin’s Sphere or Dragon’s Crown.

We’ll have plenty more projects for you to discover in next week’s Game Talk. In the meantime, feel free to tell us what cool things you spotted in the comments.

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