Fast and Furious 7 Expected to Make Lots of Money During Opening Week

By   /   Mar 12, 2015

Fast and Furious 7 is expected to make a lot of money at the Box Office as it premieres in April.

Universal Studio’s Furious 7 opens in April, moving back its ‘blockbuster schedule’ from May. Paul Walker’s last onset move Fast and Furious 7 will gross somewhere between $110 and $115 million, calculates The Hollywood Reporter.

According to these stats Fast 7 will beat Fifty Shades of Grey which was premiered in February and Captain America: The Winter Soldier from April 2014.

It is predicted that the movie will earn this much because of a few reasons. First, fans have already established a relationship and love for street racing. As this is the seventh sequel, viewers are expecting to see high end beautiful cars. They have now reached the retention stage they just cannot let go.

Second, as we all know Paul Walker (RIP) passed away during the production of Fast 7, people are curious to find out about what happened to the character. How the producers and director bid farewell and still managed to end the movie is something everyone would like to see.

Although the producers have disclosed that Walker’s brother Caleb and Cody filled in for him but still people want to see what the creative directors have actually done with the character.

Thirdly, Jason Statham, this man! Statham is one addition to the Fast and Furious family that should have happened a long time ago. We have all seen him be the badass ‘good guy’ but this time we see him be the badass bad guy. And I am sure we all agree that it will be awesome.

The movie premieres April 3, 2015.

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