Techland Teases New Dying Light Content in a New Video

By   /   Mar 11, 2015

Dying Light has become a huge success for Techland but who made it into a success? We did. So to thank us for our faith in the game, Techland hid a video inside the latest update of Dying Light.

In addition to appreciating our support for their title, Techland teased some upcoming content as well. Although they didn’t specifically mention what’s coming, but the video gives us a look at a dune-buggy, bow and arrow and more.

If that’s any indication, we’ll soon be able to run-over zombies in a dune-buggy or pretend to be a zombie killing Arrow.  The current map doesn’t really have enough space to support high-speed zombie mashing in a dune-buggy, so it’s possible a new map or mode will be introduced in the near future.

Techland previously promised some free updates for Dying Light, but it’s unclear if this new content is part of that promise.

Techland rolled-out the Hard Mode update yesterday that made a number of changes to make life more difficult. For example, nighttime now lasts twice as long, zombies are harder to kill, slower health regeneration and more.

What’s really convenient is that the Hard mode can be switched off at anytime. So if the action proves too much to handle, just switch back normal mode.

Apart from this, the update adds new outfits and some gameplay tweaks to enhance the experience.

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