Mad Catz Announces Street Fighter V Branded Pads and FightSticks

By   /   Mar 11, 2015

Peripherals manufacturer Mad Catz has announced that it will be launching a new range of official Street Fighter V controllers ahead of the game’s release.

Right now, the maker is working with Street Fighter V-branded FightSticks, Tournament Edition FightSticks and FightPad controllers. No images of any of the new sticks have been shared so far. Though Mad Catz has said that it was “going back to the drawing board” with the designs.

A release date for the new FightSticks wasn’t mentioned. Seeing that Street Fighter V has a vague Spring 2016 release date, it’s possible that Mad Catz releases its new range of peripherals early next year. According to a listing on Amazon, it’s April 16. Though it might be changed later.

A price has also not been mentioned. Looking across its current sticks though, you can expect the new ones to be priced at $200.

“More passionate gamers choose our range of fighting game controllers over any other as they demand quality and precision to help provide a winning edge. We’re confident that our new range will continue to establish Mad Catz as category leaders and prove highly popular to established fighting game players and those new to the series.”

The controllers are expected to be compatible with both PC and PlayStation 4. That’s an excellent design choice. We usually see Xbox controllers to work seamlessly with PC. In fact most Xbox FightSticks work fine out-of-the-box on PC. PlayStation sticks though are not recommended for PC play.

Seeing that Street Fighter V is going to feature cross-play between the PC and PlayStation 4, it’s a good thing that the controllers will work both ways as well.

Source Mad Catz

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