See How New AI System in DayZ Reacts to Sound

By   /   Mar 11, 2015

Bohemia Interactive has made a new blog post to update its players with the latest developments for DayZ, specifically for the new infected AI.

Lead producer Brian Hicks posted a short teaser video to demonstrate how the zombie horde would react to sound. In the video, the surrounding horde reacts to the sound of a gunshot, quickly moving on their feet and trying to pile up on the player.

Hicks said that this was a “very early implementation” of the AI but the design team is pretty happy with the proceedings. They are now working on “sneaking and stealthy tactics” to deal with this new AI system.

Once finished, the system will be uploaded to the DayZ experimental servers to test “with varied numbers across all servers.” There was no mention of when players will be able to see it on the test servers.

Hicks also spoke on potential usage for a multipurpose barrel for player bases.

“Ranging from lightly effective cover from incoming fire – to the storing of fluids such as fuel, and my personal favorite – catching rain to increase your water stores – I think when paired with functional persistence and global cleanup, the multipurpose barrel will be a must have for any decent sized player encampment.”

Source DayZ Tumblr

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