New Battlefield: Hardline Update Targets Subtle Improvements

By   /   Mar 11, 2015

Battlefield: Hardline is going to undergo more changes, based entirely on fan feedback and data gathered from its beta event that attracted around seven million players. You can rest assure that the monstrous beta session gave Visceral Games a ton of data to ponder on.

The new updates are going to be “very specific, targeted changes.” The developer is not comfortable with introducing major chances with the game so close to its release date. The latest update is going to effect more on the game’s quality of life, improving subtle aspects of gameplay.

Here’s a list of key changes being brought to Battlefield: Hardline.

Weapon Tuning

  • One hit kill range reduced for 870 and SPAS
  • Fire rate reduced for 870
  • More vertical recoil for 870
  • Recoil reduced for RO933
  • Damage reduced for Ro933
  • Vertical recoil added to M16A3 and M416
  • Increased P90 spread per shot
  • Improved Uzi un-aimed fire accuracy
  • Magnum Ammo OHK range reduced
  • Magnum Ammo vehicle damage reduced 50%

Class Balancing

  • Moved G36C to Cops and M416 to criminals
  • Moved M/45 to cops and UMP to criminals

Metagame Tuning

  • Rank progression slowed down by 50%
  • Repriced Battlepacks to cost more in-game cash
  • Weapon license increased to 1250 kill
  • Gold camo increased to 1000 kills

Hacker Tuning

  • GPS spotting and jamming range for Hacker mode reduced
  • Overclock timing reduced for Hacker mode

Battlefield: Hardline is scheduled for release on March 17 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. Xbox One owners who have a running subscription to EA Access, will be able to play the game as early as March 12.

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