Xbox One March Update Starts Rolling Out – Screenshots, Suggested Friends and More Added

By   /   Mar 10, 2015

Xbox One March update has started rolling out today with one of the most requested features, screenshots. Yes, users can now capture their favorite in-game moments and upload them via a built in app.

That process is really simple, during gameplay just double tap the Xbox button to capture a shot. Afterwards, press Y to save it on your Xbox One. Those who have Kinect can also use voice command, “Xbox take a screenshot,” to capture.

Microsoft made some changes to the Upload App, you can now easily manage your videos and screenshots. The image you capture can also be used on the background. Simply open the picture in full-screen, press the menu option and select “Set As Background.”

Images can be shared on Twitter, your activity feed, sent via massages and posted on OneDrive.

Another new feature is called “Suggested Friends,” it’s similar to the “People You May Know” section on Facebook and will suggest friends for you. If you wish to find new friends, go to “Friends” and look under the suggested friends section.

March update is also adding some “Party Chat Enhancements.” Each person is now able to see his mic status. If the Kinect icon appears, it is an indication that Kinect is being used as the mic. However, if the headset icon is shown on screen, then your headset mic is active.

Spam massages can now be reported via the Messages app of the Xbox One. Press A and select Report, choose the Spam option and that’s it.

More information about the update is available in our preview.

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