Woody Allen Might Have Kristen Stewart for his Upcoming Movie

By   /   Mar 10, 2015

Woody Allen has cast Kristen Stewart, Bruce Willis and Jesse Eisenberg in his next movie, which will premiere sometime in 2016, reported Deadline.

The Wrap discloses that according to an insider, the film starts shooting this summer.

The movie remains untitled and no information regarding its story or plot has been released to date, which was not a shock considering it is Allen’s project and he kind of has a custom in keeping secrets.

Although the movie has not yet gone into the production process but it is expected to have Allen’s usual team that includes Edward Walson, Stephen Tenenbaum and Letty Aronson.

Eisenberg has an experience with Allen as he featured in To Rome With Love in 2012. However, this is the first time for Stewart and Willis to appear opposite of each other and with the legendary director Woody Allen. Eisenberg and Stewart have worked together in Adventureland and the American Ultra.

Bearing in mind, that Allen has already signed up for making Amazon Series, viewers were expecting to see a break from his ‘One Movie Each Year’ tradition but he has already given us the lineup for his upcoming movie.

Allen’s upcoming flick Irrational Man, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone premieres July 24 reveals a teacher-student relationship.

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