PlayStation 4: Update 2.50 Helps Out Disabled Gamers

By   /   Mar 10, 2015

The next firmware update 2.50 for the PlayStation 4 will be focusing on accessibility for disabled gamers.

According to IGN, Sony will be adding new options to help color-vision impaired players. The next update will allow users to increase the size of text or make it bold, invert the colors and change color contrast.

Additionally, “Button Assignments” will help players to customize their button layouts for various scenarios. For disabled gamers, the traditional layout may prove taxing. True that most games allow users to change the layout from within the game. Sony wants to give that option for its console instead, so that players don’t have to go through the process of revamping buttons for each game.

There’s also a new option of “Add to Quick Menu” which adds a link to the accessibility menu on the quick menu page (the hold PS button page).

Earlier this week, there were reports that also confirmed the addition of a Rest Mode to the PS4 in the next update. Users will now be able to keep their game or app running even after putting the console into Rest Mode. This feature was supposed to release sooner but was delayed for unknown reasons.

Update 2.50 is currently only available to PlayStation MVP members, but should go live for everyone else by April.

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